Company Background

Founded in 1931 by J.H Kruger, the brand name TENEKA has over the past 80 years become synonymous for top quality book covering and specialty self-adhesive products to the German and surrounding EMEA markets (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

Now part of Drytac Europe, the TENEKA brand products are characterized by high quality permanent and removable adhesive formulations that, combined with the highest quality European PVC and Polypropylene base films, make a truly top quality product in terms of “ease of application” as well as providing ultimate protection and final product presentation.

All adhesive formulations are time proven and age tested, virtually odorless, water-based, acid- and solvent-free, with all raw materials checked to ensure that they are free of cadmium, mercury or other undesirable additives.

We are able to offer products on 50mm (2”) and 76mm (3”) cores, or coreless and shrink wrapped, in sizes of 30mm up to 1400mm width, in a variety of roll lengths as well as in sheeted form if required.

Product Range

Self-adhesive optically clear, approx. 80 micron (3.2 mil) PVC film, with a glossy finish. This durable but pliable vinyl film is particularly suitable for covering books, journals, magazines, note cards, maps, menus, etc. The films gloss finish helps define and highlight the colors of the item laminated.

Self-adhesive clear film approx. 80 micron (3.2 mil) PVC film with a non reflective matte finish. This durable but pliable vinyl film is very popular with libraries because its matt surface prevents books from “sticking” together.

Self-adhesive clear film approx. 300 micron (12 mil) PVC film with a non reflective matte finish. This durable vinyl film is very popular with libraries for the reinforcement of paperback books. Its matt surface prevents books from “sticking” together.

This eco-friendly self-adhesive ultra clear, approx. 60 micron (2.4 mil) [Earth Smart] polypropylene film has a gloss or matte finish. This film is an excellent choice for permanent or long term protection as it does not contain any plasticizers that potentially can migrate over time and affect colors, flexibility and adhesion.

Polypropylene (PP) film (without adhesive), approx. 60 micron (2.4 mil) [Earth Smart] friendly with a gloss finish. It is popular for use where self-adhesive films are not recommended or allowed. Because this film does not have an adhesive, it can be re-used multiple times

TENEKA Flower- and Gift-Film
oPP film (without adhesive) is a thicker and more rigid (30 micron (1.2 mil)) version giving the user a more substantial and high quality feel wrap film for flower bouquets, gifts and much more.

Self-Adhesive Polypropylene film, approx 60 micron (2.4 mil). These sparkling holographic films are available in 10 finishes and patterns, and are very popular for use in handicrafts, scrap booking, gift wrapping and for other decorative purposes.

Self-adhesive, approx.180 micron (7.2 mil) PVC film in black or traditional green finish. This durable vinyl film can be written on with standard chalk and is therefore very popular for use in kids rooms, schools, day care centers, pub menus boards, grocery store and shopping mall advertising, etc.

TENEKA-Leather-look Film
Self-adhesive film with a medium grain and leather-look that suits a wide variety of artwork.

TENEKA-Self-Adhesive Velvet/Velour
Perfect for lining jewellery boxes and as a backdrop for professional photography, as the soft deep black finish does not reflect light from flash. Use on the back of plaques and coasters to prevent scratching.

In addition to the products we list above, we also offer custom adhesive coating solutions so please contact us with your requirements.

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